Symbiotic Schoolyard


Symbiotic Schoolyard

Colorful image of native plants, birds, bees and biodiversity.

The Symbiotic Schoolyard Habitat Restoration unit is a place-based, project-based, NGSS-aligned ECOSYSTEM UNIT for grades 6–8.

Students take on the role of restoration ecologists to figure out how to increase the biodiversity of their schoolyard. Through hands-on lessons and investigations both in the classroom and the schoolyard, they figure out that native plant communities form the foundation of complex food webs. Therefore, planting native plants in their schoolyard increases biodiversity by restoring a complex food web. The unit has EVERYTHING teachers need to teach, including a detailed Teacher Guide with 14 lessons, a student notebook with all handouts, a supporting PowerPoint for each lesson, and assessments.

Want to join the joyful and critical movement to plant native plants, with your students, as a part of a high-quality unit on ecosystems? Visit the Symbiotic Schoolyard website >