Survive the Sound Classroom Toolkit


Survive the Sound Classroom Toolkit

Survive the Sound is a free online event following 48 juvenile steelhead on their migration towards the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. 

Survive the Sound uses real tracking data from juvenile (young) steelhead to visualize a migration that everyone can learn from and enjoy. Steelhead are similar to salmon, traveling to the saltwater for their adult lives and returning to the same freshwater stream to spawn, but are actually trout. Puget Sound steelhead are currently listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act. 

Pick your favorite fish, join a team, and compete to see whose team has the most surviving fish over the 5 day migration from May 3-7. The larger your team, the better your odds of winning! During the migration, you’ll be able to check your team’s standing and see your fish’s progress on an online map. Along the way, you’ll learn more about these miraculous fish! 

This free online learning opportunity and the associated activities were created by a salmon recovery nonprofit, Long Live the Kings (LLTK), with support from donors, sponsors, and partners. Through science, art, technology, education, and action we are working together to create a Pacific Northwest with a growing human population, a thriving economy, and strong and vibrant salmon runs. The Classroom Toolkit also connects to NGSS, Amplify, and Since Time Immemorial, Washington State's Tribal Sovereignty curriculum. Sign up for the migration and do your part to save these iconic species!