Save The Rainforest


Save The Rainforest

Students at the base of a Ceiba tree in Panama

Over 10,000 teachers and students have visited the tropics with us to learn about rainforests and see the conservation work they have supported.  To learn about current opportunities for protecting tropical forests, and thereby cooling the planet, please visit our website.

What We Do to Save Tropical Forests

Initiate conservation regimes in the Amazon and elsewhere in the tropics that curbs climate change and generates a continuous stream of funding for Indigenous people and local communities.

How We Do It

We build relationships with like-minded NGOs to establish High Integrity Forest (HIFOR) projects in remote and pristine areas. These projects measure and market the carbon that is absorbed by the forest. Unlike REDD+, the carbon cannot be used to offset the emissions of corporations or individuals. However, buyers of the carbon units can claim that they are contributing to “societal” net zero.

We also work with NGOs to establish Biodiversity-Positive REDD+ projects in areas where deforestation is taking place at a high rate and the need for action is urgent. Avoided carbon emissions are then sold through the Voluntary Carbon Market.