Nature Immersion Year-Long Curriculum


Nature Immersion Year-Long Curriculum

Forest school lesson plan bundle

This full year lesson plan bundle contains 20 nature-based lesson plans following forest school and outdoor education models. It is inspired by Jon Young's Coyote Mentoring and the natural cycle of learning. These 20 lessons equip teachers and mentors to instill in their students strategies such as mapping, birding, mindfulness, awareness, animal tracking, journaling, and curiosity.

Lessons are intended to be taught once per week. Each lesson is designed to last 1-3 hours and follows the natural cycle routine. The plans also contain a comprehensive materials list to ensure that teachers will never be unprepared.
The lessons can be completed on a school yard, in a park, or in any green space you can find. No forests necessary!
These lessons can be adapted for any age, grade, and school-setting, including homeschooling!

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Forest School
  • Lesson 2: Procedures and Routines
  • Lesson 3: Awareness Games & Hazards
  • Lesson 4: Nature Names & Sensory Exploration
  • Lesson 5: Nature Names Deep Dive
  • Lesson 6: Exploring Hearing & Fox-Walking
  • Lesson 7: Introduction to Hypotheses
  • Lesson 8: Animal Tracking 101
  • Lesson 9: Landscape Tracking
  • Lesson 10: Secondary Sign Tracking
  • Lesson 11: Four Directions and Wandering
  • Lesson 12: Native and Non-Native Plants
  • Lesson 13: Edible and Poisonous Plants
  • Lesson 14: Trees
  • Lesson 15: Bark and Leaf Rubbings
  • Lesson 16: Fort Building
  • Lesson 17: Bird Language
  • Lesson 18: Bird Watching
  • Lesson 19: Connecting to First People
  • Lesson 20: Inventory from the Ground Up 

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