Connectivity Project: Examining the Ripple Effect of Our Actions in an Interconnected World


Connectivity Project: Examining the Ripple Effect of Our Actions in an Interconnected World

Connectivity Project is a compelling and inspiring short film series exploring the ripple effects of our actions in an interconnected world. When faced with this awareness, there is no doubt that each of our actions make a difference in our shared future. Whether investigating the relationship of various cultures and traditions and how they embody an interconnected way of being, to scientific awareness of this very understanding, to the cycles of pollination, to speaking out about what you believe in, these films vividly and beautifully open one’s understanding to the impact our choices can have. With an accompanying study guide supporting these engaging films (and NGSS fulfillments for K-12), a deep sense of awe, belonging, and yes, responsibility, are gained, both building community and inspiring informed choices and conscious action.

Available for virtual use or in the classroom, for middle school through college, as well as for community presentations with your congregation, environmental organization or focus group. Please contact us for more information. And for a special discount for films and materials use this link:

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"The Connectivity Project - whether shown individually or as a complete set – ought to be viewed by every single person around the globe.."
Corey Thompson, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Cardinal Stritch University

"Fantastic series! The Connectivity Project is an anthology of wondrous images, evocative music, and powerful and moving messages that show how people, nature and community are all linked to one another. Students and teachers alike will be informed, delighted and inspired in its call to action to address the most urgent problems facing our planet today. A must-have in any video library!"
Alberto Arenas, Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies, University of Arizona, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Environmental Education

"Your curriculum is so relevant and should be shared with as many teachers as possible.  It is an excellent resource for this time of online learning."  -Jennie Pardi education coordinator NatureBridge outdoor school- San Francisco, Calif.

"I think about our current situation in our nation and around the world and how this pandemic revolves around "connectivity".  I have been able to use your curriculum and first video as a tool to help explain this historical moment in our world. I just wanted you to know that because of your project I have a tool to talk about these issues/situations with my students in a way that they can understand.  It has opened up so many good discussions in a time when we need to have good, honest discussions."  -5th grade teacher, B Criswell, Iowa

"This series weaves scientific, historical, environmental, cultural, linguistic and social evidence to illuminate the complexities of our world. Each segment taps into a learner's sense of wonder with vivid examples of connections. The conclusion offers a compelling call to action which will inspire viewers to consider their own agency and responsibility to impact change."
Mary Jane Eisenhauer, Professor, School of Education and Counseling, Purdue University NW

A thought-provoking series with vivid visuals and narrations that persuade us to reflect on our choices, be curious of how our actions affect our environment, and ponder on our powerful role as citizens and the impact we have on Planet Earth. This is an excellent media resource to empower future generations at schools as well as everyday community members to explore advocacy for sustainable choices and practices in every sphere of life."
Tanzeem Ali, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, University of Wisconsin

This makes me think of the ways we can foster perspective taking without vilifying groups or organizations. Great opportunities to engage students in conversations with many community stakeholders                    -Suzy Zietlow