Two preschool kids one in a stroller play with a dog at nature-based inclusive preschool
Learn about kids with disabilities with inclusion lessons

Children with disabilities are far too often excluded from life-enriching programs like summer camps, nature-based programs and after-school programs. It is time we end the stigma and exclusion and move towards a more inclusive world. Learn how to best welcome, support and include children with disabilities in your programs and organizations by interacting with over 16 different lessons on inclusion- organized across the following four categories: Community Change, Organizational Change, Group Support and Individual Support.

Other Side of the Hill Movie Poster. Lone wind turbine.

OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL is a timely, hopeful, and inspiring look at people on the ground in rural America who are leading climate action in their communities. Use this short film and special materials to amplify and discuss renewable energy, community health, and finding common ground to address climate change.

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Pacific Horticulture
Pacific Horticulture

For K-12 Educators teaching horticulture, a related biology field, or plan to directly utilize Pacific Horticulture content in a K-12 learning setting. If you are teaching in a community setting without a school affiliation, request a free membership:



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