SFI's Growing Solutions E-Summit


SFI's Growing Solutions E-Summit

Held October 22, the SFI E-Summit is open to all. The agenda is approved for SAF (3.50 CAT 1 credits), CIF (3.75 credits), and TWS (4 CEUs) continuing education credits and more details can be found at www.sficonference.org.

This year, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is hosting a one-day E-Summit on October 22 to bring our network together to share ideas about how sustainably managed forests, and products sourced from those forests, are great tools in moving towards shared sustainability goals. 

Nearly half of the event is dedicated to the great work of Project Learning Tree (PLT) and PLT Canada, including the following sessions: 

+ How Forest Sector Professionals Can Support Forest Literacy for Youth
Esther Cowles, VP, Education, SFI
Amy Grow, Manager of Community Engagement, International Paper
Laura Six, Plant Ecologist, Weyerhaeuser
Terry Baker, CEO, Society of American Foresters
Tinelle Bustam, Director, Conservation Education, US Forest Service
SFI's education work, led by our flagship program Project Learning Tree, guides our commitment to raising the next generation of sustainability and conservation leaders. SFI and numerous forest sector stakeholders believe scaling PLT is an important component for SFI’s future growth. With numerous tools in the pipeline, PLT features new resources to teach youth audiences about our forests. An uptick in demand for PLT tools during Covid-19 has reinforced the market need for activities that get kids outside and learning about the natural world. Several key funders will discuss how they have benefited from partnering with PLT.

+ Building Bridges for the Next Generation of Forest and Conservation Leaders 

Tara Topping, Manager, Career Education, SFI
Catherine Langille, Indigenous Youth Opportunities Intern, PLT Canada
Paul Robitaille, Director, Indigenous and Youth Relations, SFI
Dawn Carr, Executive Director, Canadian Parks Council, SFI & PLT Canada Board Member

We all have a role to play in growing future forest and conservation leaders. Young leaders require inspiration and resources to set, pursue and achieve their individual green career goals. Because not everyone has access to role models or understands the opportunities that are available in the forest and conservation sector, Project Learning Tree Canada provides a variety of resources that help youth and employers alike build a diverse and sustainable workforce for the future. Learn more about PLT Canada’s various youth- and employer-focused initiatives, including our Green Jobs placement program, “Day in the Life” Webinar Series, Green Jobs Ambassador program, Guide to Green Jobs in Canada: Voices of Indigenous Professionals, and #MyGreenMentor program. Understand how your organization can access PLT Canada’s programs and contribute to growing the workforce of the future.