reDesign Curriculum Designers in Residence & K-12 Curriculum Content Experts


reDesign Curriculum Designers in Residence & K-12 Curriculum Content Experts

Two paid summer opportunities

#1  Experts across various disciplines and professions, needed for Design Studio to rethink the K-12 Content Map

We are convening a group of 200+ educators, industry professionals, and academics, with expertise across the following 15 disciplines, to collaborate in a virtual Design Studio.

  • Engineering
  • Civics
  • History
  • Language Arts & Literature Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • Ecology, Environmental Sciences & Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Human Biology
  • Algebra
  • Math Foundations
  • Physics
  • Informational Literacy/Media Studies
  • Political Economy
  • Health & Well-Being

Together, these diverse teams will help identify the key ideas, challenges and concepts that are applicable to the world of work and of creating a thriving life. Are you a content expert with big ideas about how to rethink learning with relevance, purpose, and equity for young people in the K-12 education system? Do you know an industry professional who applies disciplinary expertise in their daily work context? Join us this summer, and help us spread the word!

Compensation: Stipend of up to $2,000 for full participation.

Application deadline April 30.

#2  OPEN CALL: Designers-in-Residence

Be part of our inaugural Designers-in-Residence program for 50 exceptional curriculum designers. You will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with other Designers to create engaging, multidisciplinary, social justice projects for learners ages 12-20. Together, we will bring the new K-12 Content Map to life. 

Compensation: Stipend for full participation in the launch and Summer Sessions: $6,000

Application deadline April 30.