Leading the Circular Revolution


Leading the Circular Revolution


You are invited to explore the circular economy’s transformative power in cities during an evening event on Thursday, October 5, 2023 at Pier 17, Suite 800. Discover how the circular economy enables sustainable living and empowers communities and learning from the city of Zurich.

While occupying only 3% of the planet’s territory, cities use 75 % of global resources. The circular economy has emerged as a pivotal tool to move towards a way of living that is not only sustainable but also regenerative—respecting the planetary boundaries.

Cities as hyperconnected hubs and epicenters of intersecting systems provide ideal platforms to lead the way toward the circular revolution and thus a more sustainable future.

But implementing the circular economy comes with its challenges, requiring collaboration among diverse actors and systems. The event will feature a panel with speakers from four different backgrounds (government, academia, startup, and corporate sector) to explore how cities can lead the way.

They will exchange best practices in circular living that cities can implement to foster sustainable production methods and economic prosperity while utilizing resources effectively.

The event is part of a larger event series celebrating the 20th anniversary of the San Francisco—Zurich sister city partnership.