Essayontime Scholarship Contest


Essayontime Scholarship Contest

By launching this contest, we want to emphasize the importance of education and provide our assistance in covering tuition, college books or equipment. How you will spend your money is up to you, the only condition is that it must be on education.

Scholarships for high school students are usually very similar to scholarships for college freshmen in terms of requirements. Also, they all tend to ease the financial burden that affects academic life. Thus, in order to be eligible to participate in ESSAYONTIME scholarship contest, applicants should:

  • Be full-time students (regardless of high school, college or university)
  • For both native and non-native speakers
  • Aged 17 and over.

If you wonder how to get a scholarship from Essayontime, here is a quick guide to the application process:

  1. Provide short information about yourself, including your contact details, age, educational setting, etc. Mention whatever you think is necessary for assessment.
  2. Submit an essay between 500-800 words where you express your opinions on ONE of the following topics:
  • Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in athletic events?
  • Should there be more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun?
  • Should the government increase environmental regulations to prevent climate change?

All our essay contests are evaluated on a fair basis, including such aspects as content, grammar, style, an ability to speak to the point and express your own opinion. They must be submitted in the English language and have to be free of plagiarism. Any essay that violates these conditions will be declined.