Call for Contributors and Voiceovers!


Call for Contributors and Voiceovers!

A green mic has leaves growing out of it and words "Help tell EE stores!" curving overhead. The NAAEE logo is in the bottom right.

NAAEE is always looking for ways to tell the stories of educators, students, researchers, and all other members of the EE community. And sometimes we need voices and videos to help us do this! We are eager to have more perspectives and voices of EE that we can share across our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn).

If you're interested in being asked to share a video or audio recording, we would love your contribution. We will have lots of opportunities to engage on a volunteer basis throughout 2024 and there are no obligations or expectations for you to respond to any requests. We appreciate any time and ideas you have to contribute!

Visit this Google form to sign up and the NAAEE Communications team will be in touch as the opportunities arise.