More than a Like: Building Your Social Media Strategy eeWEBINAR


More than a Like: Building Your Social Media Strategy eeWEBINAR

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Do you have a social media presence and find yourself seeking meaningful connections with your community? Transform your social media platforms with a strategic communications strategy—no matter your technical savvy or team size.

Join NAAEE Social Media and Communications Coordinator Carrie Albright and Digital Community Coordinator Jimena Cuenca as they share ideas for creating engaging content and provide guidance for tracking and measuring impact.

Below are some of the topics we'll cover:

  • Setting meaningful objectives 
  • Creating a content schedule and choosing platforms
  • Drafting language and accompanying imagery
  • Building community on social media
  • Incorporating accessibility into each phase
  • Accessing social media tools to track your efforts


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Carrie earned her B.A. in both Environmental Studies and Spanish, a dual major she explored hands-on while studying in the cloud forests of Ecuador. After attending Indiana University to complete her Masters in Public Affairs, with concentrations in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management, she took on the role of Environmental Educator with the City of Bloomington. Here she connected with community members of all ages, teaching about habitats, sustainability practices, and conservation efforts.

As an established marketing professional and award-winning public speaker, Carrie brings a variety of skills to NAAEE. Hailing most recently from the private sector, she is versed in planning complex marketing strategies for such names as REI, Icelandair, NPR, and The Weather Channel. A thought-leader in her industry, Carrie has developed and delivered training and audits to hundreds of participants, and prides herself on empowering those around her to excellence. She enthusiastically joins the NAAEE team to combine her creative innovation with her passion for environmental justice and education.

Carrie has spent her life in the Midwest and currently resides in the rolling hills of southern Indiana. Outside work, Carrie serves on the Bloomington Environmental Commission and takes every opportunity to go hiking with her wife and two rescue pups.

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Jimena Cuenca is happiest when she is a part of a community working towards positive change. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and she started her career volunteering to outreach and present bicycle safety workshops. Jimena holds a Bachelor's degree in Geography from UC Berkeley. Since graduating, she's worked as a seasonal research technician on avian field projects in the Copper River Delta and the northern coast of Alaska. More recently, she has developed and led environmental education programs as a park ranger. In her work as a communicator, she seeks to elevate conversations about the environment and social change.

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This was a great webinar, thanks for all the amazing tips! I have a weirdly specific question: How do I manage my social media as a freelance science communicator if I have multiple interests/skills (e.g., conservation science, public health, fact checking, sustainability, chronic illness advocacy, conservation psychology, and more)? Do I make a separate account for each interest? Do I find a way to integrate multiple topics without it feeling like nothing fits together? I feel like it would be strange to have a post about planting pollinator-friendly lawns right next to a video about managing mealtime with a chronic illness. And maybe most importantly, how on Earth do I reign in the alternating ADHD hyper-focus and executive dysfunction to manage so much diverse social media content?!

Looking forward to any advice anyone might have!

In reply to by Gaby Biordi

Hi Gaby! So happy you joined the webinar!

You asked, "How do I manage my social media as a freelance science communicator if I have multiple interests/skills?"

I'd say, "Embrace them all!" One of our team members shared that being able to portray your skills and abilities in communicating a multitude of topics is a valuable advantage. I don't think creating a separate account for each interest is necessary. Rather, look at which platforms allow you to curate collections of posts organized by themes, like Instagram Guides. This way, your followers can dive into specific topics without scrolling through post after post, looking for a specific topic.

You can find a way to integrate multiple topics. Accounts like Intersectional Environmentalist are great at this. Similarly, Michael @SchoolHouseCaulk applies civil engineering knowledge on everything from peanut butter cups to dams and tornadoes. However, if you scroll through Michael's videos, you'll also see videos about his dog, Pancake, so sometimes they don't have to always connect.

And if it's not easy to connect the various topics through content, try to connect them in other ways. Maybe it's your unique take or delivery—through video, imagery, illustrations, or storytelling—that unites your posts.