Connecting Science and Literacy in the Elementary Classroom


Connecting Science and Literacy in the Elementary Classroom

Join the Wade Institute and Hitchcock Center for the Environment for an exciting 3-day professional learning institute! Engage in minds-on, hands-on learning which will provide you with science knowledge, classroom investigations aligned to the standards, books for your classroom and other resources. Let us help you make time for science by showing you how to integrate science with talking, reading, and writing and integrate literacy time with science. We will read, write, talk and most importantly “do science.”

Discover the amazing world of squirrels as we engage in phenomena-based science instruction exploring animal behavior, like the physical and behavioral adaptations that make squirrels part gymnast, part economist, part bandit, and completely irresistible. 

In this institute we will focus on squirrels as we study animal behaviors, and adaptations because squirrels are an easily observed animal, but the tools and strategies offered are applicable to all animals.

  • Participate in hands-on, minds-on inquiry science investigations inspired and enhanced by literature.
  • Explore using books, productive talk, and science writing.
  • Read picture books, science trade books, informational text and other media to spark deep learning in science.
  • Learn strategies for integrating science, literacy, and discussion in ways that foster critical thinking, academic language, and meaning making.
  • Shift your practice to teach your grade-specific science content by using literature to spark minds-on, hands-on investigations as you implement the Science and Engineering Practices.
  • Discover the amazing world of squirrels.
  • Receive a tool kit with 4 books for your classroom.

Registration Information
Collaborating Partner and Location:
Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Amherst, MA
Dates and Times: Monday, July 17th – Wednesday, 19th, 2023 (8:30 AM – 3:30 PM ET)
Cost: $350 per participant, team discounts available for teachers from the same school
Credit: 2 graduate credits available for an additional fee
Register online at!