Bay Ridge Coloring Book: Botanical Treasures from the Neighborhood


30 Unique and Beautiful Drawings

Relax in the meditation of coloring these treasures of the natural world. It’s a great way to reduce stress and have fun.

Bay Ridge Coloring Book features 30 beautiful illustrations of plants and flowers to transport you to the calm of the natural world. Roses, lilies, hollyhocks, morning glory, black-eyed Susan and zinnias are just a few of the coloring adventures in this book. The drawings range from simple to complex and each comes with a little story on the opposite page.

Created as a celebration of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, most of these plants probably grow in your neighborhood too.   See if you can find them.

Why Is the a Good Resource for Students

Students can bring  flowers, plants and trees to life as they color them. A little short story accompanies each image. Every spread of the coloring book has a space for students to add their own drawings and stories to make it their own nature notebook. 
This coloring book is available on Amazon but teachers can order in bulk directly from me for a discount. 

About Coloring Book Artist Kristin Reiber Harris

Kristin Reiber Harris is a teaching-artist who has spent over forty years drawing plants. She has a special fondness for flowers and water gardens. Raised on an old farm in Northern Virginia,  she loves to be outdoors, a trait her mother noted when she was just a toddler. Kristin has a unique perspective on finding nature all around us, something she proves every day now that she lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. This is Kristin’s first coloring book, but not her last. A devoted educator, she has worked with hundreds of students and in addition to her fine art work, creates short animated films about the natural world. Follow Kristin’s work @anim8nature and

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Grab your colored pencils and join Kristin in this collaborative art project.