Call for Papers: World EE Congress - Outdoor EE Theme



WEEC 2022 Theme 10: Outdoor Environmental Education

Proposals may be for either on-site and online sessions.

There are many important questions about OEE experiences. One set of questions revolve around designing and implementing programs. How do the purposes of programs determine how the programs are designed and enacted? In what ways are programs for different ages or cultures appropriate for those participants? How do participants make sense of their experiences? How are the knowledge/understandings, feelings/values/attitudes,and behaviors/actions included in the goals of these programs related? How are effective goals incorporated into OEE program? How do programs that aim to influence participants’ environmental behaviours/actions make that purpose clear to schools and participants and design the programs with that in mind? The second set of questionsinquire about the effectiveness and impact of programs. How do these experiences influence participants’ feeling of connectedness to nature and commitment to lessen their impact? What do participants learn, and how is that learning transferred back to home and school? What lasting impacts do OEE programs have on participants? We are interested in proposals that explore these and related questions by sharing examples or through sharing evaluation and research.

For more information, contact: Iva Frýzová (Masaryk University) Iva Frýzová or Bruce Johnson (University of Arizona)