Opportunities, Barriers, Strategies towards Inclusion


Date and Time:

Thursday, February 18, 2021, 7:00pm

Inclusion is a complex word and it is filled with different layers and meanings. This webinar will focus on the implementation of inclusion. It will include some strategies for working with the complexity of inclusion as well as the challenges and the opportunities it presents. Karen will create the space for people to be vulnerable and curious to share with one another. There will also be opportunities for people to enter into breakout room groups and share their voices through the chatbox.

Along with being the Accessibility Planner for the City of Vancouver, Karen Lai is an Inclusion and Accessibility Consultant through which she facilitates inclusion training for companies, educators, organizations, and other special interest groups. Karen completed her undergraduate degree in outdoor recreation and her master’s in human kinetics with a focus on examining the social theories of inclusion. Karen lives with cerebral palsy and loves to get out to play in the outdoors. Learn more at https://www.inclusionaccessibility.com/.

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