League for Green Leaders - Play to Learn, Play Together, and Play for Our Future!


Date and Time:

Thursday, July 29, 2021, 2:00pm

Registration Deadline:

Thursday, July 29, 2021, 1:00pm


"League for Green Leaders" is an online climate-action competition for children. It is empowering, playful and action-based. This program aims to motivate and quantify behavior change towards a sustainable lifestyle by inviting children to play to learn, play together and play for our future. All teachers, parents or those interested in environmental education are welcome to join this webinar with no particular experience required. 

Come to learn what an engaging experience that the “League for Green Leaders” can offer, how this program aligns with your curriculum and how our lesson plans can be adopted, and why pilot teachers liked their experience.

“Your program is highly engaging to students, in particular to one student whose mother emailed me and told me that he had difficulty engaging in regular classes, but spent so many hours in the League for Green Leaders competition!” said a Gr.5 teacher from Toronto District School Board who participated in our pilot with her students.

Join our workshop and walk away with the:

  • Understanding of what is “League for Green Leaders”, how it provides a blended learning experience from award-winning online educational games, offline science projects and team-based competition focused on the climate action children take in the real world
  • Examining what this program can bring to your students
  • Sense of how our lesson plan can be adopted in your class
  • Uncovering the simple steps of on-board to the new competition this fall
  • A chance to win a free class access of the upcoming competition that is worth of $79.99