Flooding: Preparing to Protect Your School


Date and Time:

Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 7:30pm to 8:30pm


Did you know that flooding is the most common natural disaster in Canada? And yet, many are not prepared to protect against the impacts of extreme weather events such as floods, which are often caused by climate change. When it comes to flood protection, we can learn how to plan, take action, and record impact! In this webinar, we will be taking a deep dive into the Flood:Ed program — an exciting challenge for students that offers hands-on learning about flood planning and resilience. Join us in discussing the impacts of flooding both at home and school while exploring ways to stay protected!

Cheryl Evans is the Director of Home Flood Protection at the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo. Cheryl has over 20 years of community engagement and program management experience in the fields of stormwater management, flood risk mitigation, home energy conservation, and youth environmental education. She served as a technical committee member on CSA’s Guideline on Basement Flood Protection and Risk Reduction (CSA Z800) and was a lead curriculum developer for the Ontario College’s Flood Risk Assessment Training Program. Cheryl holds a B.E.S. in Environment & Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo.

Sidney Howlett is a former Ontario French immersion teacher, who focused primarily on inquiry-based learning and incorporating coding and robotics into the classroom. Prior to joining the team at GreenLearning, Sidney worked at a local art gallery and museum where she established new programs, including an outdoor art education program for homeschool students. She currently serves as a member of the Bee City Kitchener Committee and holds a B.A.Sc and a B.Ed from Lakehead University.

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