Welcome to the Government Agencies Group


Welcome to the Government Agencies Group

Welcome to the eePRO group for government agency staff!

As environmental educators in two different state agencies on different sides of the Continental Divide, we are pleased to have the opportunity to co-moderate this eePRO group. 

Environmental education in governmental agencies can often come with its own set of resources and constraints, both in terms of budget and  policy. Governmental agencies often have resources that support agency travel, extensive professional networks, and access to grants or other funding streams not available to non-profit organizations. On the other hand, governmental agencies and their staffs are subject to extensive local, state, and/or federal laws, protocols, and guidelines to which they must adhere. 

Often environmental educators hail from environmental protection or natural resource agencies, which have their own mandated priorities that could include advocacy for certain actions (e.g. reduce air pollution or stormwater runoff). This can sometimes feel like it comes in conflict with the NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence, which emphasize the importance of teaching individuals how to think, not what to think. If this applies to you, how do you navigate the boundaries between education and advocacy in your agency and role? 

We look forward to working with members of this group to explore questions like the one above, share resources, and generally work together as a Professional Learning Community!

Our best, 

Elizabeth Schmitz (WA) and Billy Bennett (KY)