Sustainable Communities Start with You!


Sustainable Communities Start with You!

In Part 2 we will be discussing the easy ways people can work towards sustainability.  There are some easy ways to be green!

Sustainable Communities start with you!


Summary: What are some ways that you can be green at home and work to help make wise choices for sustainability?  What are some ways that you can be green at home and work to help make wise choices for sustainability?  Some of the easy ways: Recycle, Re-Use, Walk, Ride Share, Public Transportation, Plant native, plant veggies, water reduction and much more!

1.  Recycle: This is the go to environmentally friendly action.  However, are you recycling or reusing everything that you possibly can?  Some areas of the planet can recycle more than just paper, cans, plastic and glass.  There are some areas that recycle batteries, textiles, computer or electronic items, paint, etc.  Make sure you research what recycling opportunities you do have in your or surrounding communities.  If there is enough demand for certain items to be recycled you might be able to add more options!

2.  Re-use:  There are many ways you can reuse your old items if recycling is not an option.  You can have a yard sale and donate your proceeds to a charity, you can donate old items to a charity, you can donate your items to a local theater or artistic organization. 

3. Walk: It is not crowded!  J   If you can walk to your destination that is a win win situation. 

4. Ride Share:  Not only is carpooling helpful for the environment it saves your money and can be an excellent networking opportunity!

5.  Public Transportation:  This is not a service that is available everywhere, but many places now have lower emission public transportation options.  If your community is so lucky to have this…use it!

6.  Plant a butterfly or pollinator garden of native plants:  This keeps you from having to mow or use chemicals on your lawn. 

7.  Plant a vegetable garden: You can plant a garden in your lawn that will not only provide you with yummy veggies, but it will also eliminate another place in your yard that you would have to mow or treat.  If there is a vacant lot or nearby green space you can check with local authorities and plant a community garden.  This is an excellent way to provide fresh vegetables to people in need, meet your neighbors and create a positive atmosphere for your community. 

8.  Take a quick shower:  Make a game with your family who can take the quickest shower (and still be clean)

9.  Laundry:  Wash only full loads, use cold water and use a clothes line whenever possible.  Your laundry will thank you for it!  It will last longer and smell great!

10.  Watering plants:  Think before you dump water…can it be used to water the plants?  Do you have a dehumidifier in a basement or cement block room?  You can use the collected water to water your plants.  Get a rain barrel to aid in watering your plants. 


What are some other easy ways to be green that will help you and your community become more sustainable?   What are some out of the box ideas that people can do to make a difference for the environment in their community?