Engage with eePRO Groups at #NAAEE2021


Engage with eePRO Groups at #NAAEE2021

Are you registered for the 2021 NAAEE Conference? Ready to meet other experts in your field? Join our pre-conference eePRO group meetings! Whether you're new to an eePRO group or a long-standing member, your presence is very welcomed. Links to eePRO group meetings will be available on our conference platform. Please 'Save the Dates' below!

Monday, Oct. 4

11:30AM–12:30PM EDT
E-STEM Education
Connecting to Nature

1:00PM–2:0PM EDT
Early Childhood EE

2:30PM–3:30PM EDT
Conservation & Behavior Change

4:00PM–5:00PM EDT
Civic Engagement

5:30PM–6:30PM EDT
K–12 EE
Data Literacy

Tuesday, Oct. 5 

10:00AM–11:00AM EDT
Global EE

11:00AM–12:00PM EDT
Government EE
Climate Change Education

12:30PM–1:30PM EDT
Higher Ed
Equity & Inclusion

2:00PM–3:00PM EDT
Guidelines for Excellence
Sustainable Cities & Communities