Planning Against Panic: Navigating a Crisis Through Strategic Communications


Planning Against Panic: Navigating a Crisis Through Strategic Communications

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How do you consider when your organization should respond to humanitarian and environmental events taking place in your community or country or around the world? How do you handle a crisis taking place in your organization or field? In this eeWEBINAR, Founder and Strategist Kristen Grimm of Spitfire Strategies provides concrete questions to ask yourself when dealing with a crisis. She offers guidance in anticipating what issues or events warrant a response and when to decide not to engage. This webinar is filled with specific recommendations on how your organization can plan, handle, and respond during a crisis.

A crisis communication plan is a series of steps created to guide your organization through an emergency or other unexpected event. It outlines when to respond (internally and externally) and ways to address similar crises in the future. This 60-minute webinar offers guidances for those expected and unexpected events that are part of our organizational lives.

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Kristen Grimm, Founder and Strategist of Spitfire Strategies

Kristen Grimm has shoulder length blonde hair and wears a black shirt with a gold necklace.

In 2002, deciding the world could use more women-run companies, Kristen started Spitfire Strategies. Her first order of business was to democratize the knowledge about how to create a strategic communication plan so lots of organizations could harness the growing power of communication to make the world better. Kristen has worked for thousands of nonprofits and foundations around the world, learning more with every assignment. She has created narratives that stick, messages that motivate, theories of influence that shape new laws of the land, campaign and communication strategies that drive momentum for movements, and field-building resources that share tricks of the trade so fellow progressive changemakers can do smarter, more impactful work.

Kristen is the mastermind behind Spitfire’s Smart Chart, Planning to Win, Mindful Messaging, and Discovering the Activation Point, among other big think pieces. She thinks fast in a crisis, is deft at drawing phenomenal visionary speeches out of leaders and is someone you want in your corner when you're ready to go big. When it comes to storytelling, all you need to know is that her last name is Grimm.

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