Climate and Young Children: Learning and Development & Community (Part 1)


Climate and Young Children: Learning and Development & Community (Part 1)

Climate and young children

Part One: Learning and Development & Community

Children’s access to a robust set of experiences, including interaction with the outdoors, their peers, and those who care and educate them is a critical driver of their healthy learning and development. Climate change and environmental degradation threaten children’s access to these opportunities. Come hear from those who are studying these impacts as well as those working on the frontlines and in programs with children as they share their thinking, explore connections, advance solutions, and chart paths forward.

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Moderator/Host: Abigail Stewart-Kahn, Managing Director of the Stanford Center on Early Childhood


  • Antwanye Ford, Co-Chair of the Early Years Climate Action Task Force
  • Christy Merrick, Director of the Natural Start Alliance
  • Sheila Williams Ridge, Co-Director of the Child Development Lab School, University of Minnesota
  • Nat Kendall-Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at the Frameworks Institute
  • Special virtual guest Laura Schifter, Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Senior Fellow for This is Planet Ed at the Aspen Institute