ANCA CONNECTS: Personnel Policies and Employee Benefits


ANCA CONNECTS: Personnel Policies and Employee Benefits

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Thursday, February 8
10–11:30am AKT  /  11am–12:30pm PT  /  12–1:30pm MT  /  1–2:30pm CT  /  2–3:30pm ET

Personnel policies and employee benefits are practical ways you can honor the work of your staff while also providing structures for a healthy workplace. By clearly defining your policies and benefits, your organization can ensure legal compliance, clarity of staff expectations, and fairness in decision-making — as well as increase workplace satisfaction.

The Nature Museum in Grafton, Vt., and North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, Vt., each recently led comprehensive personnel policy overhauls and benefit reviews that navigated issues such as legal requirements, appropriate language, and cost. In doing so, these organizations sought to improve benefits, provide clarity and structure, and support staff.

In this facilitated discussion, we’ll explain how these organizations accomplished this and what their policies and benefits now include. We’ll discuss specific topics such as:

  • Benefits such as paid leave, sick time, and retirement accounts
  • Supporting staff diversity
  • Employee classification, including hourly versus salaried and exempt versus non-exempt

This program will also include space for questions and discussion about your own personnel policies and employee benefits.

For an introduction to this topic, see our recent article on this topic in Directions, the ANCA journal. This program will be an opportunity to go deeper into personnel policies and benefits, and examine how you might apply them at your own organization. Whether you want to develop new policies or simply learn what other organizations are doing, you'll be sure to come away with ideas for next steps.


  • Naomi Heindel, Executive Director, North Branch Nature Center
  • Nikolas Katrick, Executive Director, The Nature Museum


Registration: $15 ANCA Members, $30 non-members