NOAA B-WET Evaluation System


NOAA B-WET is a grant program that supports Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs) for teachers and students across the USA. NOAA B-WET evaluation’s system was designed to determine to what extent its professional development and student programs are having collective impact by meeting desired outcomes, and to identify MWEE best practices. The system is based on tested measures (available for free at the above website), has collected standardized data across grantees and teachers since 2014, and provides automatic results for individual grantees as well as regional and national B-WET leadership who are using findings to improve MWEEs and the grant program. The evaluation system was co-developed by Dr. Michaela Zint and Anita Kraemer (eeEvaluations) in collaboration with NOAA B-WET leadership and with support from University of Michigan students.