Let's Talk Rivers: New Deliberative Forum Guide

Let's Talk Rivers Deliberative Forum Guide
Let's Talk Rivers Deliberative Forum Guide

During the 2019 spring semester, Wild Rose Education along with a University of Montana intern, developed of a new deliberative forum guide addressing the challenges of increasing demands on our nation's rivers. 

Using proven tools from the National Environmental Issues Forums, Kettering Foundation and the National Issues Forums, Let's Talk Rivers framework was drafted, edited by national experts in the field, tested in Carbondale, Colorado, and then finalized. 

The process of developing the guide included naming and framing the issue, conducting background research and drafting a deliberative forum guide to use with groups. 

The intended use of this guide is for use by trained deliberation moderators with groups of public, university students, and high school students. The guide can be adapted to reflect specific local and regional river issues, opportunities, and trade-offs.

The guide will be utilized by teachers and students involved with the Youth Water Leadership Program as well as during the Western Rivers Teacher Workshops in 2019 and in years to come. 

Download the guide at www.wildroseeducation.com/news/lets-talk-rivers