Community Engagement Guidelines for Excellence Virtual Workshop Resources

Moderator Endorsed: Guidelines for Excellence
Moderator Endorsed: Guidelines for Excellence

Are you interested in teaching other educators (preservice and in-service) about working more effectively with communities? We've created a workshop module that facilitates online exploration of NAAEE's publication Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence. This publication, from the Guidelines for Excellence series,  outlines a set of guidelines focusing on community wellness and designed to help environmental educators create inclusive environments that support effective partnerships and collaborations.

The online resources provide a step-by-step outline for designing a virtual workshop that can be adapted to your needs.

Just download the module outline and sample materials (e.g., sample slide show, sample jamboards, PDF of the Community Engagement Guidelines) from the upper right hand corner of this post.  

To access more workshop resources, visit the Guidelines for Excellence webpages and click on WORKSHOP RESOURCES:

Interested in offering in-person (face-to-face) workshops focused on the Guidelines for Excellence publications? We've got you covered. These all-day, professional development workshop modules help you introduce the Guidelines for Excellence to your college students and other environmental educators. Visit our website to download all of our WORKSHOP RESOURCES:

PLEASE NOTE: The in-person (face-to-face) workshop module focusing on the Community Engagement Guidelines is COMING SOON!