Bright Green Future: New Book to Make Climate Education Engaging, Real, and Hopeful


A new book, Bright Green Future draws on inspiring stories of changemakers to make climate solutions accessible for middle school, high school, and college students.

The authors, a college professor and journalist, spent 5 years travelling the country to chronicle a renaissance in grassroots climate action.

Their book helps students apply ecological knowledge to re-imagine our modern economy. Students will learn what symbiotic relationships can teach us about switching to renewables, how ecosystems can guide the next industrial revolution, and how the hidden genius of rainforests and prairies can help us grow food in a warming world.

Every chapter comes with discussion questions to build lessons and activities. BGF is currently taught in a high school AP environmental science course. Download free chapter

The authors also give engaging presentations to students, activists, and organizations on the types of thinking that can help us envision a sustainable society.

Educators get 25% off signed copies of the book. Learn more about how BGF can help support climate literacy programs.