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Say "Yes!" to Kids with Disabilities!

In 2017-2018, the Seattle Children’s PlayGarden partnered with King County Public Health’s Best Start for Kids Initiative to research the topic of inclusion of kids with disabilities in our community and share what we learned. Our goals are simple: to dismantle the stigma of disability and to help other organizations feel empowered to Say “Yes” to kids with disabilities in their programs and community spaces. We believe the time has come to create community-wide change and we are thankful that you are here on this journey with us.

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Inclusive Preschool Through the Seasons: Stories and Lessons from 10 years of nature-based preschool

Written by the PlayGarden's Executive Director and Preschool Teaching staff, this book walks readers through a beautiful school year in a fully inclusive nature-based preschool program at the Seattle Children's PlayGarden. It shows parents and educators how to meaningfully include children with (and without) disabilities in a whole year of nature-based curriculum. Intended AudienceParents, early childhood educators, administrators and community members interested in learning how to support inclusive play-based programming for ALL children

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Learn about kids with disabilities with inclusion lessons

Children with disabilities are far too often excluded from life-enriching programs like summer camps, nature-based programs and after-school programs. It is time we end the stigma and exclusion and move towards a more inclusive world. Learn how to best welcome, support and include children with disabilities in your programs and organizations by interacting with over 16 different lessons on inclusion- organized across the following four categories: Community Change, Organizational Change, Group Support and Individual Support.


The Seattle Children's PlayGarden is hiring 2 Assistant Teachers for our fully inlcusive nature based preschool program. The PlayGarden runs a developmentally appropriate, nature-based preschool program for children with disabilities and their typically developing peers. The program is inclusive, outdoors, and serves children ages 3-5 years old. Our nature-based curriculum encourages children to engage with the natural world through gardening, harvesting, cooking, exploring and playing.


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