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Moderator Endorsed: Conservation & Behavior Change

If you are working on anything that aims to change people's actions or beliefs – from your stakeholders to corporate leaders to policymakers or even your friends – then the Making Shift Happen book is the perfect resource. It lays out all the tools needed for behavior change at any level of a system, illustrated through case studies that show the real-world potential of behavioral science for a variety of environmental issues, from saving energy to reducing plastic use to encouraging sustainable transportation.

Resource Category:

Publication, Book

Root Solutions is seeking a Project Associate to join a small team of visionaries, creators, and disruptors who want to re-shape the future of the environmental movement in North America and beyond. We believe that by applying the principles of behavioral science, conservationists can generate a quantum leap in environmental quality. You are vital to the success of programs that will transform the environmental movement and the planet.

Deadline to Apply:

Friday, November 9, 2018, 11:30pm



San Francisco, CA
United States
The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.