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The USA National Phenology Network seeks a Volunteer Engagement Coordinator to lead recruitment and retention for Nature's Notebook, a plant and animal observation program that engages professional and volunteer observers across the U.S. in documenting the timing of plant and animal life cycle stages (phenology). Position located at the University of Arizona, Tucson, to start early 2022; applications reviewed as received. Salary $52,000, full time, plus outstanding benefits at the UA.


Tucson, AZ
United States
This job has expired and is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.
USA-NPN Botany Primer Cover
USA-NPN Botany Primer Cover Photo

The USA-NPN’s Botany Primer is an educational resource designed to help observers make reliable plant observations for submission to the Nature’s Notebook citizen and professional science program. It covers basic botany, phenology vocabulary and the USA-NPN’s plant phenophases. It is also very appropriate for those interested in simply learning more about botanical terms and concepts, separate from participation in Nature's Notebook.

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Cover of Local Phenology Program Planning guide
Local Phenology Program Planning Guide

Interested in using citizen science for your program? Want to connect to local researchers who will be using data for place-based projects? Consider developing a Local Phenology Project in your area and partnering with other like-minded organizations to sponsor a long-term phenology (plant and animal life cycle event) monitoring program for research and management. Our Local Phenology Program Planning Guide will show you how.