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Graphic of the U.S. EPA's Food Recovery Hierarchy

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s work to promote innovation and highlight the value and management of food as an asset is featured in this educational resource. Building on the concept of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," this resource highlights the impacts of the food we waste in the US. The site is broken into simple sections on: Understanding the Issues; What Businesses, Institutions, and Other Organizations Can Do; and What Individuals Can Do. A highlight of the last section is the Food: Too Good to Waste Implementation Guide and Tookit which is designed to teach local governments and community organizations how to implement a Food: Too Good to Waste campaign in their community.

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Comic book representation for a recycling on-line game and activity page fro the U.S. EPA

Recycle City was designed with the classroom in mind. All of the games and locations have been designed to make it easy for a teacher to set different goals that can match up with lessons being taught in class. You can also check out "Things to Do in Recycle City" for some more ideas. The new Recycle City Challenge will test player’s knowledge of how everyday decisions can cut waste and energy use – at home, school, and throughout the community. In the Dumptown Game, player’s become the city manager in charge of addressing litter and pollution. Players start new community programs and activities and track their impact on reduced, recycled, and reused waste streams, and costs and benefits.

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EPA will be hosting a webinar on January 11th, at 4:00pm Eastern to discuss the multiple climate and health related resources available on their website. These include communication kits and factsheets for populations of concern (described below), state-by-state information and factsheets, and new reports like the Extreme Heat Guidebook and Climate Change Indicators.