Prompt for the Planet

Abstract painting of peach and teal color swatches

"Think of one natural element and speak in its voice through pictures and words....Think of it as creating an open letter from the planet."

Calling for submissions to Amanda Gorman's Prompt for the Planet

Prompt for the Planet is a collaborative initiative to lend voice to the earth and document this critical moment in history through poetry, art, and creativity. Can this unique look into the hearts and minds of young people around the world inspire all of us to work together toward a sustainable existence? It must.  

Submit a response to Amanda Gorman's Prompt for the Planet.

We encourage you to be as reflective and creative as possible, (e.g., produce a drawing or photograph, write a poem or short story, create a short video, or any other form of artistic expression to represent your answer. There is no “wrong way” to answer the prompt).   

  • All ages are welcome to participate. 
  • Classes or groups can participate and be highlighted in a rotating online gallery. 
  • You do not need to be an established artist.

Our goal is to prompt people to lend their voices to the earth and document this critical time in history through poetry, art, and creativity. We aim to collect hundreds of responses, creating a resounding voice for earth.

All responses will be archived for future generations to see. Some pieces will be highlighted in our online galleries and shared via social media (with credit always given), and select pieces will be published through PromptPress. We aim to have in-person events that highlight the work and leave attendees with concrete action items.

Our ultimate goal is to foster environmental awareness and inspire action. We understand that numbers and statistics regarding the climate crisis are vitally important but can often paralyze and numb the brain. Art, however, speaks to our souls. 

If you would like to participate, you can learn more and submit a response at our website,