Pilot Teachers and Reviewers Needed for Middle/High School Biocultural Diversity Curriculum


Middle and high school teachers interested in pilot testing one or two activities from Schoobio, a new online biocultural diversity curriculum, in November 2022 are encouraged to fill out this google form to participate.

Another option is to review the curriculum and give feedback. Others, such as curriculum directors and those without classrooms but who serve students, are welcome to participate as reviewers.

Schoobio is the doctoral dissertation project of Shari L. Wilson, an Ed.D. candidate in Educational Sustainability at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. By taking part in this curriculum, students will explore the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and apply them to their schools, understand the elements of an ecological school ground, take a biodiversity inventory of their school grounds, consider how the nature-culture connection is represented (or could be represented) on their school grounds, design their ideal bioculturally diverse school ground, and present their plan to school or community leaders.

Feedback received will be included in dissertation materials but most importantly to improve the curriculum, which is intended for a global audience.

For more information and questions, please contact Shari at sharilea51@gmail.com.

How to apply/register:

Please fill out this google form to participate:




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Shari L. Wilson

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(913) 269-3022

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