Civilian Conservation Corps workshop


Date and Time:

Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 9:00am

CCC – Civilian Conservation Corps AIT Workshop Tentative Agenda

  • Objective: teach educators about the CCC and how to incorporate their concepts into interpretive programs through hands on activities and hikes.
  •  9:00 Introduction activity:  CCC fun facts
  • 9:10 Activity 1 – “Whats in a name?”
    • Roosevelt’s  tree army; C – Civilian, C – Conservation, C – Corps
  • 9:20 Topic  - CCC: History, origins and concepts: 2 problems, 1 solution (Erosion/damage and unemployment)
  • 9:45 Activity 2 –  “Changing our way of thinking” VIDEO/SILENT WALK – view short five minute video advertising the CCC efforts in 1930s.  Compare management practices and attitudes then to our point of views now.  Wildlife and conservation concerns of their time vs. our time.  Then and now silent walk.
  • 10:00 Activity 3 - “Use of Hand Tools” Learning about hand tools activity.
  • 10:45 Topic - State Park and State Forest accomplishments - MOMI, MOMO, FOMA, HARO, WIUM, SOMO
  • 11:00 Activity 4 – “The work they did” Using an old park map as a game board participants will build a park with a component of each of 10 CCC field work areas: bridges, roads, dams, trails, park amenities, tree planting, etc.  Participants will be given a kit of materials to “construct” their parks.  Awards for creativity.
  • 12:00 LUNCH
  • 1:00 Field Visit/Hike – Hike to a CCC construction site(s) in the park
  •  3:15 Topic - Cultural diversity in the CCC - African Americans, Native Americans in the CCC
  • 3:20 Activity 5:  “Camp Life” – construct and learn about life in a CCC camp
  • 3:45 Topic - Accomplishments and Liquidation 1942

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