Looking Closely: Supporting K-7 Emergent Inquiry Outdoors

Video Recording
Bottom half of the graphic is a photo of a young girl looking through a magnifying glass at a bee and flower. Top half of the graphic includes text from the post.

Hours for Learning Activity:

1 learning hour

Date and Time:

Thursday, April 21, 2022, 7:00pm

Recently, Outdoor Educators Megan Zeni, Sarah Regan and Lauren MacLean co-created a Looking Closely Outdoor Learning Kit to support K-7 emergent inquiry outdoors. Megan and Sarah are job share partners teaching entirely outdoors in a K-7 garden classroom. Megan is also a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia in curriculum and pedagogy. Lauren is a K-8 mentoring support teacher who has a love for playing, learning, and teaching outdoors. 

In this workshop, Megan will give an overview of why looking closely is an important core routine for your outdoor teaching practice, and the learning opportunities that looking closely may provoke.  Upon registration, registrants will receive a discount code by email to access this Looking Closely Outdoor Learning Kit!

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Duncan Whittick