Accessibility in Outdoor Learning

Colorful graphic split in half with blue text at the top that reads, "Accessibility in Outdoor Learning with Accessibility and Inclusion COnsultant, Karen Lai." The bottom half of the graphic is a close-up photo of an arm holding onto a walking stick

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022, 7:00pm

Join Karen Lai for an honest and open discussion on accessibility in the outdoors with a focus on people with disabilities and what real inclusivity looks like.

Karen is an experienced outdoor adventurer, consultant and facilitator who has been helping people with disabilities find their place for over twenty years. Karen demonstrates openness and curiosity in her work, creating an environment that encourages questions and conversations based on her own life experience with cerebral palsy.

Karen holds a Master of Arts in Human Kinetics and her thesis focused on social inclusion. Karen will guide educators on a journey into understanding what belonging and value means for different students.

Upon registration, registrants will receive a discount code by email to support them in accessing a variety of resources to support developing programming that is more inclusive.

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