Earth Charter Introductory Course


Hours for Learning Activity:

6 learning hours


This course offers an opportunity to deepen the knowledge about the ethical foundation of the Earth Charter and about the worldview that is articulated in it. It considers that the current challenges humanity is facing comes from a sense of disconnection with the essence of our lives and other beings, as well as a lack of shared values and an ethical global consciousness. View video.  


  • Understand why and how the Earth Charter was created and its relevance for the current situation.
  • Get to know and internalize foundational concepts, values and ethical principles of the Earth Charter.
  • Understand and find ways to put into practice values and principles articulated in each Pillar of the Earth Charter.
  • Find synergies between the Earth Charter and other international, national or regional instruments (e.i. the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Sustainable Development Goals and others).
  • Be acquainted with sensitive issues around some principles of the Earth Charter.



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Amanda Bennett