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The Civic Ecology Lab through Cornell University offers a unique learning experience for professionals in or out of the K-12 education field. Each course is online with weekly assignments and readings, but also focuses on the discussions between those taking the course all over the world. It allows for access to many different worldviews through the lens of Environmental Education and for the sharing of ideas beyond our local areas. Each course has a final project, which can either be accomplished individually or in small groups, addressing the main topic of the course. In my experience has been a great way to practice designing activities and curriculum to bring into the classroom, as well as any other Environmental Education setting. I have taken all of the courses they have to offer except for the Climate Change Fellowship, and they have all enriched my ability to bring Environmental Education and Climate Change into my curriculum with minimal changes to what I've already created. It's been a great experience for me as an educator to work on developing skills and sharing ideas with colleagues worldwide. 

How to Register:

To sign up, go to the online courses page of the Civic Ecology website ( and choose to enroll in an upcoming course. The cost is about $60 for each class, but there is an application for waiving the fee if you are financially unable to pay for the course, as well as an option to cover the registration fee for others if you are able to.



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