Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation (Online + Optional Field Course)


Date and Time:

Monday, November 1, 2021, 9:00am


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Sea turtles are a charismatic and ecologically important, yet imperiled, group of marine reptiles. This course introduces students to these fascinating and complex animals through lectures and class discussions. Topics include life histories, physiological adaptations to marine life, homing and navigation, nesting, ecological roles within the ecosystem, sea turtles in human culture, and conservation.

*Following this 3-week course (1-credit equivalent), students have the option to take the additional 4-day intensive field course (1 credit equivalent) for a total of 2 academic credits (optional). The in-person field course will take place at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Click here to learn more: Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation (Field Course).

DATES: November 1-19, 2021 (Online) & December 2-6, 2021 (Field)

COST (Online): Early bird course fee (ends Aug 1st): $500 Professional / $400 Student

COST (Online+Field): Early-bird course fee (ends Aug 1st): $1,600 Professional / $1,400 Student

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Jessica Kennelly