Wildfire Community Outreach Educator

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Reno, NV
United States

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The Great Basin Institute (GBI) and the Humboldt Toiyabe Forest will host AmeriCorps Community Outreach Educator to support the Fire Prevention Education Project, a collaborative effort to provide expanded public education and outreach to reduce risk and potential impact of wildfire. The Institute and USFS will train and deploy Community Outreach Educator to support targeted outreach to the general public, including property owners, visitors, and students.

• To increase the general public’s understanding of fire in the forest ecosystem; 
• To directly educate communities, especially low-income communities, by communicating wildfire risk through public outreach and education;
• To improve public health and safety by providing additional patrol support to existing Fire Prevention and Visitor Services programs;
• To prevent and reduce total number of wildland fire and acres burned in the at-risk communities in the WUI;
• To coordinate with existing land management agencies and partnerships to implement wildfire prevention outreach and education to maximize awareness of residents, property owners, and visitors’ in anticipation of future severe wildfire seasons.