STEM Instructor

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Glen Jean, WV
United States

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Job Description:

Responsibilities and Duties:     

STEM Instructors will be expected to:

  • Deliver innovative Science Behind the Sport educational curriculum and hands-on activities placing special emphasis on the practical application of STEM.  
  • Engage students in a variety of educational and adventure-based experiences including but not limited) to: climbing, zip lining, paddling, cycling, archery, and skateboarding.
  • Manage classroom procedures and student behavior to establish an environment of group learning
  • Work independently with up to 24 6th grade students, four field staff, and two teachers.
  • Manage time, risk, and travel around the site and perform any other duty or assistance to field staff, students, and teachers to insure success of the program.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, professional language, appearance, and behavior, willingness to take initiative.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:

The applicant must, at a minimum, have the following experience/qualification:

  • Post-Secondary Education or Certifications (i.e., college degree or teaching certification) and/or equivalent contemporary knowledge in STEM
  • Ability to pass a federal background check
  • Outgoing and friendly personality with the ability to connect and communicate effectively with youth.
  • Be comfortable living and working in and outdoor setting that requires moderate physical activity
  • Excellent organizational skills and effective problem-solving skills
  • Passion for science, education, and creative thinking

Preferred Qualifications:

The following qualifications are preferred, but are not mandatory:

  • Prior experience working with youth (ages 10-14)
  • Experience/familiarity with rock climbing, archery, cycling, zip lining, paddling, and other outdoor activities
  • Knowledge of pedagogy and modern teaching strategies

Time Commitment:  The Science Adventure School will begin staff training on Monday, August 10th. We expect that you will be available to work with us through October 23rd with minimal time off throughout those eight weeks. Staff will be expected to be on campus Monday-Friday with weekends off. This means long weeks of work (with weekends off). Although sufficient breaks will be scheduled throughout the week, expect to be with your groups of students for the majority of the day Tuesday morning -Friday afternoon.

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How to Apply:

Complete the application and questionnaire for the position(s) you’re interested in. These can be found on our website:


Job Compensation:



Compensation Information:

  • Competitive per diem starting at $100/day and up to $200/day
  • Additional pay will be allotted as per SAS pay matrix with increases for education, experience, and/or relevant certifications.
  • Lodging in the form of platform/canvas tents will be provided for the duration of the contract (including weekends and off-days).
  • Staff will have access to the dining hall for all meals.
  • All professional training will be paid and provided for free.
  • Laundry, showers, and internet will be available on site.