STEM Community Coordinator, AmeriCorp VISTA

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 12:00pm



Reno, NV
United States

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As an AmeriCorps VISTA position, the STEM Community Coordinator is a year-long contract that serves northern Sierra Nevada and Great Basin communities; chiefly, those surrounding Reno, Nevada, and South Lake Tahoe, California. This a dynamic position in with the coordinator gains experiences in making STEM education accessible, acquiring funding for educational programs, contracting and coordinator volunteers and seasonal staff, as well as community outreach initiatives. This is a leadership role.

Goal of the Overall VISTA Project: The project will provide low-income K-12 students with STEM education opportunities that will advance academic achievement and interest while building skills and confidence, resulting in upward mobility and alleviation of generational poverty.

The STEM Community Coordinator will create a docent program through partnerships with local higher education systems at Galena Creek VC targeted at the ecosystem of South Lake Tahoe and the Taylor Creek VC. Essential Job Functions may include the following or other duties as assigned:                            

  • Understand current program and future needs with current VC leadership. With the help of VC leadership, measure docent needs at Taylor Creek VC and Galena Creek VC. Begin developing an outline for a docent program for Summer 2022 with help of GBI and VC leadership;       
  • Member Activity (10/01/2021 - 12/15/2021): Begin developing an outline for a docent program for Summer 2022 with help of GBI and VC leadership. The outline should focus on daily curriculum development, drawing from current STEM programs at Galena Creek VC and adjusting for age of target student
  • Develop recruitment process and strategies with VC and GBI leadership to be implemented throughout partner universities utilizing presentations, informational listings (physical & digital), and social media campaigns                    
  • Establish connections with partner university staff and discuss recruitment processes. Schedule dates and times for potential presentations. Discuss other connections within partner universities (environmental clubs, internship office etc.). Create a plan for dispersing other forms of information such as internship board postings and other physical info boards        
  • Actively recruit at partner universities for docent program using aforementioned strategies. Finalize docent program and handbook and seek approval from GBI leadership            
  • Onboard new docents and oversee docent program daily for Summer 2022 by ensuring docents have proper transportation and other needs to implement STEM programs throughout the week at Galena Creek VC, and eventually Taylor Creek VC
  • Alongside Docent Handbook, create an SOP that elaborates on the work done before and during the program season. This SOP should act as a guide for the following years docent programs. Meet with GBI leadership for an exit interview to inform future docent programs
  • Coordinate the community volunteer programs that support the Visitor Centers by recruiting, training, and scheduling new and existing volunteers. This is an ongoing process. The member will meet with current and past volunteer coordinators to understand challenges and recruitment processes. With the help of GBI coordinators, VISTA will understand volunteer program needs and recruit, train and schedule accordingly. This process should look similar to the docent process, but our recruitment efforts will be focused in other directions.                
  • A handbook for volunteers should be created. Handbook can be similar to docent program handbook and should explain general guidelines for the STEM programs and volunteer responsibilities. 
  •  Identify resources, such as funding, that support volunteer training and involvement within the STEM programs and assist GBI staff in securing these opportunities.
  • Learn about our current funding partners for the Galena Creek VC. Understand current funding and it's utilization at Galena Creek VC. Identify the potential for current funding to be used at Taylor Creek VC, the need for new funding opportunities, or a combination of both.
  • Search databases such as, and explore local Nongovernmental organizations in search of funding opportunities. Meet with GBI leadership regularly to discuss and record funding opportunities and how they should be pursued.    
  • Pursue funding acquisition through assisting in the creation and follow through of proposals with GBI leadership and staff.

Compensation & Benefits: As an internship role, this position has a living allowance of $1160/month and an education award of $6,450. Limited health, vision and dental insurance are provided at no cost. In addiiton, shared housing is available during the length of contract.

Length of Contract: 1700 hours; about a year of service, working 30-40 hours per week. 

How to Apply:

To apply, please visit and select "environmental outreach & education." For any questions, please contact