Science Adventure School VISTA

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Morgantown, WV
United States

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The VISTA’s main role will be to develop teacher education modules which will assist teachers in continuing experiential education into the classroom and increase the effectiveness of our program. This will be done through research and through consultation with 6th grade teachers to be sure that we are developing a resource that they can use. During the six-week period that SAS is in operation, the VISTA will also provide capacity building support on site through assisting with an 8th grade mentor program being developed to support students while at SAS. The VISTA will also support the program’s capacity by working to recruit schools for next year’s program, recruit some of this year’s 6th grade participants to next year’s mentorship program, expand recruitment for next year’s seasonal staff, and assist with analyzing data for SAS assessment purposes.

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Applicatins can be made through the VISTA website: