Naturalist Aide

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Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 12:00am


Oregon, OH
United States

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Develops park nature interpretive programs (e.g., observes & identifies ecosystems to include plants & animals), plans outdoor field trips on park lands, develops cooperative environmental education programs, researches park natural history to present talks/seminars on guided hikes, tours of park natural areas &/or slide programs.

Prepares & presents speeches, seminars & slide demonstrations before large & small audiences; assembles slides in park files & collates slide program sequences; orders supplies, materials & equipment to make nature displays; acts as tour guide through nature centers (e.g., small cabins, barns, buildings containing small animals & plant life).

Removes debris from nature trails to include picking up litter & noting & documenting potential hazards; cleans & removes litter from nature centers/office spaces; cares for live animals used in nature centers; maintains cleanliness of animal care equipment; records program attendance; inventories plants in park.

MAJOR WORKER CHARACTERISTICS: Knowledge of natural sciences (e.g., biology, botany, zoology); public relations; outdoor safety practices. Ability to deliver nature speeches & presentations before general public; interpret variety of technical material; sort & code items.

MINIMUM CLASS QUALIFICATIONS FOR EMPLOYMENT: 1 course or 3 mos. exp. in biology; 1 course or 3 mos. exp. in botany; 1 course or 3 mos. exp. in zoology; 1 course or 3 mos. exp. in outdoor safety practices; 1 course or 3 mos. exp. in public relations.

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Request an application by calling 419-836-7758 or emailing 

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kathleen Rocco

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