National Technical Advisor, UNEP

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Monday, March 23, 2020, 12:00pm


United States

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Result of Service

In order to achieve the expected Outcomes, the National Technical Advisor will perform the following tasks:

A. NAP Process coordination:
Under the overall supervision of the MCC’s Project Director:

  • 1) Lead the organization of, participate as a resource person, and represent the project in national and subnational workshops and meetings, in close coordination with the Project Director and key NAP institutional stakeholders;
  • 2) Provide background information and inputs to studies, reports, policy briefs and other project outputs, and review draft deliverables;
  • 3) Facilitate collaborative and consultative processes with all key stakeholders to ensure the involvement of government and other stakeholders through Working Groups or other relevant consultative fora (including national and local authorities, non-government organizations, academia, and private sector actors) in the development of project deliverables and results;
  • 4) Facilitate institutional capacity building in gender-sensitive climate change adaptation planning, multi-sectoral and integrated planning approaches, climate change information and knowledge (modelling, projections and risk assessments), and climate finance;
  • 5) Ensure that Project Components and Deliverables are closely aligned to supporting the integration of climate change adaptation into national, sectoral and provincial strategies, plans and budgets. This will involve ensuring close working relationships with key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Climate Change, the National Development Agency of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Finance, key climate-vulnerable sector Ministries, and Provincial administrations;
  • 6) Ensure that the UNFCCC’s Guiding Principles for NAPs are applied in the Pakistan NAP elaboration, implementation and monitoring processes.

B. Project coordination:
Under the overall supervisor of the MCC’s Project Director:

  • 1) Coordinate the day-to-day implementation of the project at national level and across provinces, including coordinating the delivery of activities and outputs (such as workshops, studies and publications), in close liaison with the Payment Agent;
  • 2) Ensure that project activities and results are delivered in accordance with the required quality standards and specified time and cost constraints;
  • 3) Develop TORs and assist the Ministry of Climate Change in the identification, selection and recruitment/ procurement of consultants or other service providers, and liaise with the Payment Agent to ensure timely and efficient administration of contracts and/or purchase orders;
  • 4) Supervise and coordinate the work and deliverables of MCC national and international consultants, as well as other service providers and partners;
  • 5) Supervise the National Project Finance and Administrative Officer to ensure that financial, procurement and human resource processes are coordinated in line with Funding Proposal and Project Cooperation Agreement provisions, and that records of project documents and assets / equipment lists, including financial and procurement documents, are maintained in accordance with audit requirements;
  • 6) Ensure the timely preparation of annual and semi-annual work plans, procurement plans and budgets for approval by the Project Director and Project Steering Committee, with prior endorsement of the GCF Focal Point and the UNEP Task Manager;
  • 7) Regularly monitor and report on project performance and delivery to the Project Director, the GCF Focal Point and the UNEP Task Manager, including progress, achievements, challenges encountered and proposed corrective actions;
  • 8) Prepare bi-annual project GCF Interim Progress Reports for the review and finalization by the UNEP Task Manager, and endorsement of the MCC GCF Focal Point and the UNEP GCF Coordination Office;
  • 9) Ensure timely preparation and submission to UNEP Task Manager of budget revisions, financial reports (including quarterly expense reports), and cash advance requests;
  • 10) Serve as Secretary to the Project Steering Committee, organize annual PSC meetings, and ensure the timely preparation of meeting documentation (including progress reports) and meeting minutes;
  • 11) Identify and resolve logistical and organizational issues under the guidance of the MCC Project Director, the GCF Focal Point and the UNEP Task Manager, and in close liaison with the Payment Agent; and
  • 12) Undertake other tasks assigned by the Project Director as part of the GCF NAP Project.

Performance indicators for evaluation of outputs:
Efficient completion of the deliverables as per stipulated and evaluated by UNEP for completeness and quality.

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Jisun Hwang

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