Lead STEM Education Instructor

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Glen Jean, WV
United States

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Job Description:

Responsibilities and Duties

Lead STEM Educator will be expected to:

  • Develop and deliver staff training modules and materials for STEM instructors
  • Participate in the logistical planning, coordination, delivery, and evaluation of STEM programming
  • Directly oversee the implementation of the SBS STEM curriculum
  • Serve as the on-site Science Behind the Sport lead and liaison for the duration of the SAS season
  • Facilitate indoor and outdoor Science Behind the Sport and environmental education lessons for 6th-grade students
  • Take an active interest in the development of students, teacher, and staff
  • Collaborate with team members from varying backgrounds and areas of expertise
  • Be able to support team members’ growth by auditing their lessons and providing feedback
  • Support the SBS program by assisting with a variety of multiday to week-long events at the Summit and around Morgantown
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned to support SAS operations at large which may include logistical support, organization of equipment, accommodating any staff members’, students’, or teachers’ needs, and otherwise being willing to take-on unknown or challenging tasks.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, professional language, appearance, and behavior, willingness to take initiative.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

The applicant must, at a minimum, have the following experience/qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in physics, geology, engineering, mathematics, or another related STEM field
  • Thoroughly understand core science concepts relative to WV 6th grade standards
  • Supervise a small team of STEM educators
  • Have at least one year of outdoor science education/teaching experience (both informal and formal preferred)
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback to colleagues and team members
  • Be highly organized and willing to create new systems where needed
  • Ability to hold and direct weekly staff team meetings including facilitating personal and program feedback

Preferred Qualifications

The following qualifications are preferred, but are not mandatory:

  • Experience creating and delivering outdoor science curriculum
  • Experience working with public schools and students
  • Experience working with middle school age youth
  • Valid driver license and comfort driving large vehicles (12-15 passenger vans or large trucks) and hauling trailers
  • Hold a First Aid, WFA, or WFR and CPR certification
  • Master’s degree in relevant field

Time Commitment:  We expect that you will be available to work with us from June 15th through October 30th with minimal time off. Staff will be expected to be on campus Monday-Friday with weekends off. Expect to be working with students and staff for most of the day Tuesday morning through Friday afternoon.

Lead STEM Instructors will be expected to work:

June 15 – Aug. 9 & Oct. 26 – 30 (9 weeks), work will be 37.5 hours per week
Aug 10th – Oct 30, work will be Mon. - Fri. with occasional weekends required, hours will vary greatly with long days expected 

Compensation and Benefits:

Pay is $18,000 for 20 weeks of work (including one week of paid time off)
From June 15 – Aug 10, you will be located primarily in Morgantown, WV. Room and board will not be provided.
From August 10 – Oct 30, room will be provided in the form of a canvas platform tent, and food will be provided on (M-F) workdays.
Your week off can be taken at once or in smaller chunks of time. This time will require supervisor approval.

Job Duration:


How to Apply:

Complete the application and questionnaire for the position(s) you’re interested in. These can be found on our website: https://scienceadventureschool.wvu.edu/get-involved/jobs