Environmental Educator

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Glen Jean, WV
United States

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Job Description:

Responsibilities and Duties   

Environmental Educators will be expected to:

  • Facilitate indoor and outdoor environmental education lessons for 6th-grade students.
  • Facilitate group and project-based learning initiatives
  • Use and maintain scientific equipment and sensors   
  • Promote student’s science and ecological literacy
  • Facilitate student’s ability to observe, ask questions, collect data, and communicate findings
  • Maintain excellent group management
  • Build a safe and strong learning culture
  • Maintain a positive attitude, professional language, appearance, and behavior, willingness to take initiative.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:

The applicant must, at a minimum, have the following experience/qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in the discipline of education, biology, ecology, environmental science or other applicable background.
  • At least one-year experience teaching in a formal or non-formal setting.
  • Basic knowledge of science-related topics
  • Awareness and knowledge of the natural environment and a passion for conservation
  • Be comfortable in the outdoor setting and have sufficient camping skills
  • Ability to pass a federal background check
  • Be comfortable and physically able to work outside in the field regardless of weather for long periods of time.

Preferred Qualifications:

The following qualifications are preferred, but are not mandatory:

  • Teacher certification
  • Hold a First Aid, WFA, or WFR and CPR certification
  • Experience with youth schools and camps
  • Experience with STEM schools

Time Commitment:  The Science Adventure School will begin staff training on Monday, August 10th. We expect that you will be available to work with us through October 23rd with minimal time off throughout those eight weeks. Staff will be expected to be on campus Monday-Friday with weekends off. This means long weeks of work (with weekends off). Although sufficient breaks will be scheduled throughout the week, expect to be with your groups of students for the majority of the day Tuesday morning -Friday afternoon.

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How to Apply:

Complete the application and questionnaire for the position(s) you’re interested in. These can be found on our website: https://scienceadventureschool.wvu.edu/get-involved/jobs