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Deadline to Apply:

Thursday, March 15, 2018, 5:00pm


Aspen/Basalt, CO
United States

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Job Description:

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) seeks a motivated leader and educator in the new ACES Education Manager position. This is an ideal position for a professional educator with leadership experience who is interested in teaching, managing staff, creating professional development opportunities, and bringing environmental education opportunities into new communities in both classroom and field settings.

Additional details at the ACES Education Manager job page linked here.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
1. In-school and field science program coordination
2. Supervision, mentorship, and management of ACES Educator staff
3. Teaching and program/curriculum development
4. Youth field science (NFS) program coordination

1. In-school and field science program coordination (50% time allocation during school year):
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Develop culturally sensitive curriculum, lessons and educational experiences for our new classroom and field programs within Re-2 school district in west Garfield county.
  • Teach weekly environmental science classes in New Castle, Silt, and Rifle elementary schools.
  • Develop and coordinate high school internship program in environmental education.
  • Work with ACES Education Director to support, develop, teach, and potentially expand ACES Tomorrow’s Voices high school/college class in social justice and environmental issues.
  • Coordinate Family Science Night programs throughout Roaring Fork School District and Re-2 school district with emphasis on Latino, ranching/agriculture, and resource extraction-based cultural connections.
  • Coordinate with administrative and teaching staff within Re-2 on ACES programs. 
  • Explore future new programs for ACES Education within the mission of the organization.
  • Work with Education Director to:
  • Plan, update and improve the environmental science in-school program content and curriculum.
  • Foster integration and cohesion between Rock Bottom Ranch and Hallam Lake programs, events, and staff. 
  • Manage organization, development, and transportation of educational materials.
  • Communicate with principals, school teachers, and ACES educators to plan for the success and growth of school programs.
  • Coordinate and facilitate weekly education team meetings. 
  • Invoice for ACES Education programs.
  • Order supplies for in-school classes and field programs.
  • Develop new opportunities to reach middle and high school students.
  • Develop programs to take advantage of ACES agricultural resources as well as gardens located in schools.
  • Maintain ACES Education calendar, including scheduling of school programs, visitor center onsite staffing, and staff working/teaching schedule.
  • Teach and lead classes as necessary.
  • Assist ACES Education Director and NFS Manager in winter and spring break field science programs as necessary.

2. Supervision, mentorship, and management of ACES Educator staff (30% time allocation all year):
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Regular observation of ACES Educators in school and field settings.
  • Provide feedback and documentation related to ACES Educator observations.
  • Manage ACES Educator special projects, including Rock Bottom Ranch Children’s Garden, Hallam Lake Birds of Prey, and additional special projects as needed.
  • Provide lesson plan and teaching technique feedback to ACES Educators and other staff.
  • Provide training to ACES Educators on environmental education best practices.
  • Ensure that the educator staff contributes to the ACES blog.
  • Maintain and submit timesheets for ACES Educators.
  • Assist ACES Education Director in recruitment and hiring of ACES Educator staff.

3. Teaching and program/curriculum development (20% time allocation all year):
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Teach solo and in partnership with ACES Educators in the ACES classrooms located in Aspen, Basalt, and Carbondale.
  • Teach ACES field programs throughout the year.
  • Teach summer and spring/winter break NFS classes as needed.
  • Perform onsite duties at Rock Bottom Ranch and Hallam Lake as needed.
  • Develop lessons and prepare materials for classroom and field teaching.
  • Perform additional duties related to the ACES Educator position as needed.

4. Youth field science (NFS) program coordination (50% allocation during the summer):
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintain NFS program calendar, including staff scheduling for events in coordination with ACES NFS Manager.
  • Strategically plan and coordinate NFS program content and schedule toward the goal of increased quality.
  • Work with ACES Education Director and NFS Manager in creating new summer programs and classes as needed.
  • Assist ACES Education Director and NFS Manager in hiring summer program staff.
  • Develop and assist in leading summer training for ACES Summer Educators. 
  • Assist in maintaining the ACES program database.
  • Direct and orchestrate daily classes; teach and lead classes as necessary.
  • Greet incoming class participants and parents, direct participants, and complete daily program administration including waivers and sign-in systems.
  • Mentor new ACES program staff on class content, pedagogy, and schedule.
  • Coordination with the ACES Education and NFS Manager will be required.

Secondary Responsibilities:
1. Monitor assigned projects for effectiveness and develop methodologies and practices for improvement, as needed.
2. Communicate changes affecting program enhancement to appropriate personnel and develop new procedures as necessary.
3. Maintain and improve personal literacy in Rocky Mountain ecology.
4. Maintain understanding of best practices in experiential, outdoor and ecological education.
5. Act as liaison between ACES Education and agricultural operations on the ranch.
6. Manage logistics and educational opportunities for the Rock Bottom Ranch Children’s Garden.
7. Other duties as assigned to further the mission of ACES.
8. Travel throughout the valley is required.

Reporting Relationships:
ACES Education Manager reports to the ACES Education Director. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field, plus minimum three years professional experience. While a college degree is required, individual reputation, knowledge and experience in the environmental science and/or education sectors will be key criteria.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with experience and comfort in public speaking. ACES Education Manager must communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders to identify opportunities to enhance and improve pertinent program elements and effectiveness.   
  • ACES Education Manager must possess outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, including experience interacting with the media. This person must demonstrate a political sensibility and be keenly sensitive to various constituencies and the diplomacy appropriate for each. 
  • ACES Educator Manager must be aware of proper business practices and present programs that are practical and financially sound. This person must genuinely enjoy people and be an effective team player, while also carefully introducing, promoting and driving change. The position will face rejection from time to time, but must be resilient and continue to plant seeds while being creative in finding alternate routes to the desired outcomes.
  • ACES Education Manager needs to have a personality and management style that inspires others, encourages coworkers and stakeholders to present their ideas and motivates a highly diverse group of people to understand what is expected and how to achieve/own those objectives. The person must gain the respect of others by virtue of style, character, expertise and example, rather than through force or position.
  • ACES Education Manager must be highly organized and have strong administrative and leadership skills, including experience with operating budgets and the related accountability. 
  • ACES Education Manager must have well-developed information technology skills, a requirement for the job. 

This is a full-time, year-round position at Rock Bottom Ranch, Basalt, Colorado. Travel throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and west Garfield county is required.

• This is a salaried position, pay commensurate with experience.
• IRA and generous health and dental insurance package.
• Paid time off, accrued throughout work year.
• ACES employee housing may be required.

How to Apply:

Application Process:
To apply, please e-mail cover letter and resume to Deadline for receipt of complete application is March 15, 2018. Click here to download full job description.