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Getting to Know Each Other

Greetings, members of "Technology and EE"!

Now that our group has grown to nearly a dozen members, it is time to get to know each other!

Please post a few words about yourself. What is your background? What is your own relationship to technology and nature like? What would you like to get out of participation in this group?

Michael and I look forward to meeting y'all (as they say here in Georgia) and getting to know everyone!


Hi Everyone! My name is Alex Porpora and I am the Education Manager with the children's video game Animal Jam. My professional background is primarily rooted in delivering and managing informal science/environmental education and outreach for zoos, museums and aquariums.

Now working in the gaming and technology industry, I am fascinated by the number of ways we can use technology to connect our players to the natural world. I'm always looking for new ideas and groups to collaborate with on these topics.

I feel like I have a pretty balanced relationship with technology. I love using iNaturalist and a few other birding apps. Of course, I also use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat for work and personal life. And, yes, I adore Pokemon Go.

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better!